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Fund Raising For Ahmad Fahrin’s Medical Treatment In Taiwan

If any of you would like to help, please go to https://give.asia/story/help_fund_for_fahrins_treatment_in_taiwan. *** I am Dalilah Hani, wife of Ahmad Fahrin. We are raising funds for Fahrin to receive medical treatment in Taiwan for a spinal cord regeneration treatment at…
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Exposing Half-Truths Behind Certis Cisco’s Taiwanese Recruitment

I refer to “Certis Cisco recruiting officers from Taiwan”. There’s more than meets the eye. Certis Cisco (CC), a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, was supposed to have advertised, but probably did not, on the Jobs Bank. Temasek Holdings, which owns…
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Singaporean Auxiliary Officer Not Good Enough?

I am a auxiliary officer and have been working for close to 2 years. I have many friends that apply security part time work after they finish polytechnic. Nowadays i see there is more demand for security type of jobs….
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