Goh Meng Seng: Singapore-China Relations Deteriorating Because Of Lee Hsien Loong

Apparently this is a “successful” ambush carried out by Beijing, politically speaking. An extremely tactful and carefully planned political ambush that most of us had never expected it to come from this transshipment of military equipment from Taiwan to Singapore.

It is basically one stone multiple targets hit, with minimum adverse impact on China itself. HK is the shield and proxy it used and by using this bloody excuse of Taiwan military ties with Singapore, it forces Singapore to react in unfavorable manner… whichever decision it makes eventually will be totally unfavorable. It is a lose lose situation for us and a total victory to China!

If Singapore succumbs to China’s pressure and cut military ties with Taiwan, our international standing will be cut down into sizes. We will lose the international reputation which was painstakingly built up over the decades. If Singapore resisted and continued our military exercises in Taiwan, Beijing will have more excuses to escalate the issue and our National interests in China will be totally compromised by Beijing, using that “Rule of Law” discourse, all thanks to our PM Lee.

Now we are forced to select between a disgraceful suicide or a heroic total self destruction.

And please, for those PAP apologists, the English CCP mouthpiece has clearly showed that all these happen just because of CCP unhappiness over PM Lee’s actions over the past few months! This doesn’t come from a tabloid anymore, but a full fledged CCP mouthpiece English newspaper!

Just for one person’s idiocy, the whole Nation will have to suffer. Sigh.


Source: Goh Meng Seng

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