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Rashid Hamid: Charge Zulfikar Shariff In Court, If Not, Singapore Same Like North Korea

If singapore govt really sincere and honest towards protecting the innocent citizens and upholding justice in this country then bring this guy on to court with all the evidence that it got and let this guy defends himself if he…
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Hazrul A. Jamari: Authorities Must Take More Nuanced Approach Or Lose Goodwill Of Muslim Community, Organisers Must Be More Accountable

There are many sides to a story. We are ultimately responsible to weed out the lies and half truths so that we can get to the bottom of things. Here are my opinions of the saga that has captured the…
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Saudi Arabia: Plans to Move Tomb of Prophet Muhammad May Spark Unrest

One of Islam’s most revered holy sites – the tomb of the Prophet Mohamed – could be destroyed and his body removed to an anonymous grave under plans which threaten to spark discord across the Muslim world. The controversial proposals…
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