Rashid Hamid: Charge Zulfikar Shariff In Court, If Not, Singapore Same Like North Korea

If singapore govt really sincere and honest towards protecting the innocent citizens and upholding justice in this country then bring this guy on to court with all the evidence that it got and let this guy defends himself if he is really innocent or better still let our highly qualified judges decide his fate without prejudice in a court of law with all the facts that it has obtained.

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ISA is obsolete and is a tool actually design to serve dictators at the helm to keep them in power until eternity and unworthy of a democratic country like singapore. also by using ISA, it makes a mockery of our judicial system as if the law here cannot be just and impartial towards the authority that it needs to go around it in order to ensure justice prevails.even malaysia has do away with ISA for goodness sake.

ISA is only worthy for communist countries like china and north korea where they usually silent innocent people thru detention without trial or thru firing squad at the beach using rocket launcher.

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the way i see it, singapore govt is still afraid of its own shadow.learn from malaysia on how to run a country without ISA and maybe who knows one day our singapore govt will grow up.

if malaysia boleh i believe singapore also boleh.


Source: Rashid Hamid commenting on CNA article on statement by family of Zulfikar Shariff

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