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Al-Iman Mosque Madrasah: We Apologise For Parent’s Dissatisfaction, We Will Improve Pedagogy

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb May this message find you in good health and eeman. InsyaAllah. My name is Sabrina Yahya and I head the Corporate Services Dept at Al-Iman Mosque. My dropping in is to get in touch with you and…
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Sheng Siong Butcher Uses Same Chopping Board to Cut Pork and Fish

Halal issues are secondary here. The main question is: How can you mix raw pork and raw fish together? That will definitely cause cross-contamination and everyone – regardless Muslim or not – should be complaining before someone dies of food…
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Non-Muslim Openly Say Islam is Disease and Evil on Facebook

We received a tip-off from one of our readers Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali¬†regarding a Singaporean named Nonis Michael Aloysious¬†who posted distasteful anti-Islam remarks on his Facebook wall. We are extremely disturbed and disappointed in a small number of Singaporeans who…
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