PCF Childcare Have No Heart, Instilling Wrong Values In Children

These days, PCF childcare centre management have no eyes to see, no heart to feel.

You give my child field trip form late last week, expect payment by tomorrow. Cash. What’s the point of the CDA account? Aren’t educational field trips by PCF childcare centres supposed to be funded by CDA account?

Doesn’t help that they have a “carry balls” Parent Support Group that only thinks about the welfare of their own children. Hey, spare a thought for those parents who find it hard to cough up money at the end of the month! Not everyone is rich, okay! To you, $20 per child is nothing. It could mean the difference between eating tomorrow or not for others!

To “sell” this field trip, the school has pumped up the children’s spirits. How would a child react when he sees his friends going to field trip but he can’t because Mummy and Daddy can’t afford it?? That’s what a CDA account is for, you know!

You want to teach about “haves and have-nots”? Don’t need to go to Pertapis! Start with the childcare centre itself! Not everyone can afford what’s affordable to you!

A big thank you to the management and the “sar kar” Parents Support Group of PCF Sparkletots Yuhua, Block 264 Jurong East Street 24 for introducing our children to the concept of class segregation!

(Yes, please call me down for a “clarification session” or whatever. I’m looking forward to it. But remember, not all parents work office hours. Sorry to ruin your perfect little worlds.)


Halimah Yacob, Zainal Bin Sapari,


Source: Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali

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