Non-Muslim Openly Say Islam is Disease and Evil on Facebook


Credit: Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali

Credit: Ari Preziosi

Credit: Ari Preziosi





Credit: Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali

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We received a tip-off from one of our readers Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali regarding a Singaporean named Nonis Michael Aloysious who posted distasteful anti-Islam remarks on his Facebook wall.

We are extremely disturbed and disappointed in a small number of Singaporeans who harbour such negative thoughts on Muslims and Islam. Singaporeans have lived together for so long as neighbours, and yet some of us do not make an effort to try understand those people who do not share the same faith. It is more convenient to hastily generalised people, and for this unfortunate case stereotyped Muslims as Evil, Jihadist, Disease.

We would like to remind our non-Muslim readers that Islam is not a bad religion like what Nonis Michael Aloysious have occasionally mentioned in his Facebook postings over a period of time from 2011 till year 2014.

Islam is also not a disease. Islam is not evil. In fact no religion in this world is evil. All religions teach human beings to be good and love each other regardless of colour, language, race, and/or religion.

The Internet allows us to share information and connect easily with one another. We should harness this powerful tool positively and responsibly. Let’s remember to be mindful of our words and to respect one another. We must uphold our racial harmony and social cohesion.

We would like to thank Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali and Ari Preziosi again for sharing this information with us.

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