Al-Iman Mosque Madrasah: We Apologise For Parent’s Dissatisfaction, We Will Improve Pedagogy

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb

May this message find you in good health and eeman. InsyaAllah. My name is Sabrina Yahya and I head the Corporate Services Dept at Al-Iman Mosque. My dropping in is to get in touch with you and as this is the only way, in order to resolve issues that were highlighted in your FB post regarding our Al-Iman Mosque Madrasah.

First and foremost, on behalf of the management, we would like to sincerely offer our countless apologies and hope to make amends on what had transpired. I can totally understand your dissatisfaction and emotional outburst. Do note that the management takes this matter seriously and we will conduct an investigation and will not leave a stone unturned. We will appreciate your assistance and will be happy to work with you in improving the standards of our Madrasah, pedagogy as well as others.

Kindly get in touch with me at my email address [email protected] as I do need more information from you regards to this matter.

Baarakallahu feek.


Source: Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali

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