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Salleh Marican Admits His Malay Rabak, Asserts That Mastery Of English Language Is Sufficient For President To Fulfill Duties

Presidential hopeful and CEO of Second Chance Properties Mohd Salleh Marican said he is taking Malay lessons ahead of the upcoming presidential election after he was criticised for his poor grasp of the language during an interview. In an exclusive…
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Why Can’t Suntec City’s Information Counter Staff Understand Common English Words And Religious Tenets?

Hi Suntec 🙂 So I just casually walked up to your information counter at Level 1, nearest Tower 4, to a smiling staffer – Li Yuwei. I asked if there were any halal bakeries around. And after repeating myself a…
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Angry Parent: Madrasah Teachers Did Not Carry Out Lesson In English As Advertised, My Son Cannot Understand The Lessons

My child goes to the mosque every Saturday for religious classes. The classes are supposed to be conducted in English but the teacher speaks Malay instead. Because of this, my child cannot understand what is going on and has lost…
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