Abdilar Zamzuri: Speaking English Is A Must For Service Staff

At the payment counter…

Me: Do you have a gift wrapping service?

Cashier stares blankly at me

Me: Do you have a gift wrapping service? (gestures wrapping an item)

Cashier looks lost: Master or Nets?

Me: Nets. Wrap present, where? Can speak English?

Cashier: Huh.. No.

Me turns to another staff: Do you have a gift wrapping service?

Other Staff: Level 2, Customer Service Counter.

I understand that we have a lot of foreigners working here but really, I don’t think I’m the only one who’s faced such a problem.

Frontline officers need to be adequately trained to he prepared to handle simple queries. After all, they are the face of the company, not the management.

It is incidents such as this that leaves a bad taste and a bad impression. A happy and joyous occasion can easily and quickly change to be one that is quite the opposite.


Source: Abdilar Zamzuri

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