Why Can’t Suntec City’s Information Counter Staff Understand Common English Words And Religious Tenets?

Hi Suntec 🙂 So I just casually walked up to your information counter at Level 1, nearest Tower 4, to a smiling staffer – Li Yuwei. I asked if there were any halal bakeries around. And after repeating myself a couple of times, I discovered that she doesn’t know what Halal means.

Of course I was a little surprised but it was far from a rude shock. I tried to explain it as a concept (in a very clumsy way, because in truth, the last time I had to explain what it meant was in a weekend madrasah exam, 20 years ago). After fumbling over myself, I asked for just any bakery or pastry shop. Then I actually found myself also trying to explain what a bakery or pastry shop is.

So I also wrote down on a piece of paper the words “bakery” and “pastry shop”. She dutifully went on to search it in her system. And with that same smile (now just a little bit more pursed) she wrote down and presented to me this attached piece of paper with the details of a bakery at Middle Road. a 20 minute walk away!

I gave a smile back as I took the piece of paper and said my thanks for the help she was able to provide. As I walked away from the counter, I couldn’t help but wished she was a cute, cuddly cat instead – so that I could pet my frustrations away and forgive it for not being able to understand some commonly-used human words and religious tenets.

I hope you take this seriously and get some cats on your information counters soon. Thank you Suntec.


Source: Haikal Haditall

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