Angry Parent: Madrasah Teachers Did Not Carry Out Lesson In English As Advertised, My Son Cannot Understand The Lessons

My child goes to the mosque every Saturday for religious classes. The classes are supposed to be conducted in English but the teacher speaks Malay instead.

Because of this, my child cannot understand what is going on and has lost interest in going to the classes. She cries every week. The religious teacher insists on using Malay in an English class and ignores those who don’t understand.

Should I make a complaint? Who shall I address it to? MUIS or PERGAS? Why aren’t the ustazahs trained like MOE teachers? Don’t they need to have a good command of English to teach? What standards are they held to when it comes to pedagogy?

Above all, why do they speak Malay in a religious class that is supposed to be taught in English? Isn’t that the reason why I put my children there in the first place?

It’s sad that nothing has changed in over 20 years. I hated going to religious classes because they were ALL conducted in Malay during my time. The teachers then wouldn’t have passed an MOE interview by any means (no standard). Now, they advertise religious classes in English but end up teaching in Malay and the teachers ostracise those children who don’t speak Malay.

Why? Does being able to speak Malay somehow make you more religious? That’s the kind of bullshit mentality that hasn’t been eradicated for over 2 decades.

I can still remember the rubbish my Ustazah told me when I was a kid…

“Nak percaya Quran ke nak percaya scientist?”

All because I asked why Allah never mentioned about dinosaurs.

Utter bullshit.



Source: Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali

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