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Vice-President Jusuf Kalla Reminds Singapore And Malaysia To Be Grateful For Fresh Air For Most Of The Year

Jakarta. Vice President Jusuf Kalla has denounced neighboring Singapore and Malaysia for complaining about the severe haze caused every year by Indonesian forest fires. He said he took note of the way the neighboring countries had kept complaining when toxic haze…
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Basuki Tjahaja Purnama: Orang Cina Pertama Menjadi Gabenor Jakarta

Ahli politik lantang Indonesia, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama hari ini mengangkat sumpah sebagai gabenor Jakarta, sekali gus menjadikannya orang Cina pertama memegang jawatan itu. Beliau yang sebelum ini memegang jawatan timbalan gabenor dilantik sebagai gabenor selepas presiden Indonesia, Joko Widodo atau…
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Indonesians Who Serve NS After Taking Up PR May Lose Indonesia Citizenship

Jakarta – TNI (Tentara National Indonesia or Indonesian army) is investigating the Indonesian citizens who serve as part of the Singapore army. It was found out that some of Indonesian citizens who take Permanent Residence of Singapore are conscripted into the compulsory…
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