DJ Bobby Tonelli Akan Masuk Islam, Bercinta Dengan Usahawan Dari Jakarta



DJ and actor Bobby Tonelli, 39, has found new love outside of show business.

The actor was formerly in a relationship with Joanne Peh for four years.

According to a report on Berita Harian, Tonelli said she is the same age as him, has never been married and is from Jakarta. She is working in the jewellery industry in Singapore.

He described her as being smart and mature, and has attitude to constantly improve herself. She is family-oriented and can speak five languages including Spanish, French and Mandarin.

The 39-year-old met this new love, an Indonesian Muslim, last May, and spent Hari Raya with her family in Jakarta.

Tonelli, a Catholic, even joined the family for morning prayers during his stay there.

During his visit, he surprised the family by showing an interest in Islam and they shared the history on the religion with him.

When he came back to Singapore, Tonelli got an Islamic scholar from the United States to help him understand the religion.

His knowledge on Islam was mostly from the Western media and can be one-sided, he told the Malay daily.

During the four hour session, he helped to answer Tonelli’s questions on various topics such as Jesus’ role in Islam and the dietary requirements. He also asked why Muslims have to pray five times a day.

After learning about the religion, he said it was calming and peaceful.

This year, the American star tried fasting for a few days for Ramadan this year.

When asked if he is going to convert to Islam, Tonelli said his new girlfriend does not want him to convert for her.

She wants him to convert for the religion itself.

Other than love, Tonelli is focused on promoting his new movie, Wayang Boy, which will be out in cinemas in November.


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