Indonesians Who Serve NS After Taking Up PR May Lose Indonesia Citizenship

Jakarta – TNI (Tentara National Indonesia or Indonesian army) is investigating the Indonesian citizens who serve as part of the Singapore army. It was found out that some of Indonesian citizens who take Permanent Residence of Singapore are conscripted into the compulsory National Service (NS).

TNI headquarters would not want to rush to take action against these citizens but according to the law, a citizen should not serve a foreign troop. This may result in forfeit of their Indonesian citizenship.

“Everyone has a right to change his nationality but it is just a pity when they join foreign troop while still being a citizen of Indonesia.Whether this concerns nationalism issue, we need to investigate further, “said TNI Commander General Moeldoko during Indo Defence in Kemayoran, Jakarta on Thursday (11/06/2014) as quoted by Detik.

Indo Defence 2014 is a tri-Service defence expo & forum which is happening from 5 – 8 November 2014 at the Jakarta International Expo.




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