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Modern Malay Wedding: Full Karaoke Session, Groupies, Gangster Rituals And “Wedding Critics”

If attending a Malay Wedding meant for you to take turns singing and showing off your vocal talent and choosing the most ridiculous unrealistic songs ever, then you are missing the whole point of attending a Wedding. And best of…
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SG Chinese Thinks Malays Always Marry-Divorce-Remarry

Recently, a young Malay woman Xiaoxiao Budaqqkecik posted a comment and uploaded a video of a Chinese funeral that lasted for several days at her void deck. She also brought in example of how Malay void deck weddings would not be easily tolerated…
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SG Malay Complain Noisy Chinese Funeral Lasted Several Days

Not trying to be racist or rude here but what if this were to be a malay wedding? Confirm people will complain till the police come. I won’t talk about how bright was the light and people talking loudly last…
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