Modern Malay Wedding: Full Karaoke Session, Groupies, Gangster Rituals And “Wedding Critics”

If attending a Malay Wedding meant for you to take turns singing and showing off your vocal talent and choosing the most ridiculous unrealistic songs ever, then you are missing the whole point of attending a Wedding. And best of all eating still when the bride and groom arrived displaying ignorance and being disrespectful. Agree not but the Malay Wedding has become a Karaoke session recently. With their grating voice coming from the nose and flat, I wonder what they are smoking before holding those microphone. And most of the time they sounded depressed over the mic instead of singing and all you want to do is throw your fork and spoon at them. I can only feel sorry for these people and those who had to listen while eating and who too could easily choked to death.

Let’s move on to the way the young people dress – MAT & MINAH. Seriously where are your customs and values? I don’t care how “Gangster” you are or how cool you want to look like but this is someone’s Wedding (I hope you were really invited). Boys you don’t wear bermudas with short sleeves showing off your tattoos swinging your god knows what Logo stickers paste all over your helmet. And girls you don’t wear tight ripped jeans with short sleeves and snicker! And tie up that nasty looking gold yellow hair if you can’t set it nicely please, really.
What’s wrong with you people? You go to school? Watch TV at least? No?
I believe you do somehow in that tiny little brain have seen somewhere how the Malay Traditional cloths or a decent cloths people dress for this occasion. You for sure have no respect for the elderly people there, the family members and relatives of the b&g, neither do you have any respect for yourself.

And then we have those “free lance critics”taking notes about the whole event, from the food to the bride & groom attire. seriously, go kill yourself or attend a funeral. They save money for this special day so shut up and eat or go home drink Dettol and die nicely near your toilet seat.

Finally, the “groupies” with the same printed logo T-Shirt from Queensway Shopping Center marching in like a Rugby team chanting some kind of poem that gives them a “Super natural power”. Singapore Sports Hub is it? What’s up with that? What are you resembling again? Which community? What group? Groupon? I thought groupies were from the 80s. Next time we all shall clap for them and throw flowers.

Listen, we all know that Malay Wedding are held mostly in the neighbourhood void deck/halls where everyone could see. And we are quick to react and get upset when other race comment about how we behave, the noise level the ridiculous behaviour and the list could go on. But the fact is, people like this gives the Malay a bad name.

But of course having said all this, there are those respectful ones though who dress accordingly and behave properly. They are what we call, Civilised people.

I am not spreading hate here. I am a proud Malay myself. But I feel some of us have tolerated a lot of this kind of nonsense. Not cool man, not cool.

#So much of preserving our culture.



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