SG Chinese Thinks Malays Always Marry-Divorce-Remarry


Recently, a young Malay woman Xiaoxiao Budaqqkecik posted a comment and uploaded a video of a Chinese funeral that lasted for several days at her void deck.

She also brought in example of how Malay void deck weddings would not be easily tolerated due to the noise, and questioned how this could easily escalate into hate comments and complaints from residents who would call the police. To know more about Xiaoxiao Budaqqkecik comments, click here.

Several Chinese Singaporeans have also expressed their views on the video. Here are their comments:




Some chinese won’t agree with this doe .. but all I’m saying is you respect my culture and I’ll respect yours. Malay wedding is not the same place every week. And we only do on the weekend. Same as chinese but they weekdays also have yet we don’t complain much. It’s just that we really want to get along and respect each other culture. Not comparing but this is the fact that is happening in singapore you guys always complain but when one malay speak up, you just can’t seems to agree. Like that then very hard lorr. – Authored by Xiaoxiao Budaqqkecik


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Thanks to SyA for the contribution.

Every culture has its own quirky display of happiness and sadness. Certain occasions, we can be loud and flamboyant; at times we embrace it quietly. And that’s what makes us uniquely Singaporeans. Singaporeans have high tolerance towards many things. We earned it!

Let’s face it guys, we live in HDB. We share common spaces, and that’s the great thing about living so close to one another. We learn to accept each other’s erratic behaviour and admittedly we grow fond of it. When it comes to sharing, we must give and take. 

Let’s not bicker on the issue of tolerance and question our steel hard social cohesion.

Our parents have done it peacefully, why can’t we? Think about it.

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