SG Malay Complain Noisy Chinese Funeral Lasted Several Days

Not trying to be racist or rude here but what if this were to be a malay wedding?

Confirm people will complain till the police come. I won’t talk about how bright was the light and people talking loudly last night and the other night.

But hey, what if that was our “rewang”? Confirm you guys complain and police will come also. This is noisy but I don’t mind at all, I don’t mind since early in this morning till now about this noise.

I don’t mind my son afternoon nap is being disturb. I don’t mind about my health problem due to this noise. Cause I respect your culture. Even if this noise will end for few days.

But just imagine if this were to be a malay wedding …. I believe there will be alot of complaining. I’m gonna keep this and last night video in case on my wedding day there will be complains.

All I asking is for everyone to respect each other culture and stop complaining!

If I can respect yours why can’t you??


Authored by Xiaoxiao Budaqqkecik




This is the reality living in HDB.

The principles of coexistence and tolerance are important as bases for building mutually acceptable relationships between highly diverse communities within a larger society.

Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious society. Different racial and religious groups have their own beliefs and practices, understanding one and another can build networks of trust across different communities. Being mindful when speaking can also avoid clashes – a careless comment may ignite an argument which may in turn snowball into bigger-scale disputes.

We would think that the strong bonds and trust between people was the key.

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