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Noor Mastura: Is Singapore Relatively Racism-Free Because Singaporeans Are Naturally Nice Or Because Of Government Intervention?

Hey Singapore. As I read all the posts today from my friends living in America – I can’t help but reflect as a Singaporean. The fact that Trump has gotten so far with his racist and xenophobic views does not…
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Noor Mastura: Solidarity Of Humankind Required As ISIS Attacks On Muslims Dampens Ramadan

ISIS/Radicals Ramadan ‘worship’ checklist (update -) Destroy : Istanbul Bangladesh Iraq Medina …Basically make Muslims all over the world mourn in our holiest month This is the worst Ramadan ever. With all the attacks from not only ISIS but raging…
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Noor Mastura: Muslims Must Mirror Prophet Muhammad’s Graciousness Towards Jews

So yesterday i received an interesting phone call. Apparently, one of my previous post on asking if there were any Mosques or places in Singapore which can spare or share their space with a Jewish community¬†(so they can have their…
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