Noor Mastura: Don’t Use Hijab Issue To Divide Community

It is ignorant to get into this hejab debate without knowing –

1. The history of why the Sikhs are allowed turbans
2. The fiqh & adab(ruling and ethics) of being ruled under a government which is not Muslim
3. The historical and political context of non muslim governments who have allowed the hejab
4. The extent of the current disintegration of the social cohesion in US and EU, especially towards Muslims – as compared to Singapore & how and why this happened

So if you are going to share, comment & post this article, by all means. But please thread with caution especially if your only argument is “it is wajib (compulsory) in Islam” or ‘comparative analysis between other religions/countries based on the hejab solely’.

This is a conversation we need to have, granted – but social media has never been the place for a dialogue. By lashing your opinions online without knowing the full picture, you only tear down our social fabric and serve to fuel a dangerous fire.


Source: Noor Mastura

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