Noor Mastura: Is Singapore Relatively Racism-Free Because Singaporeans Are Naturally Nice Or Because Of Government Intervention?

Hey Singapore.

As I read all the posts today from my friends living in America – I can’t help but reflect as a Singaporean.

The fact that Trump has gotten so far with his racist and xenophobic views does not show how good he is. It shows what America has become.

Of course there are still incredible people on the ground, fighting the good fight and working hard to counter these views and many of my friends are amongst them – but there are millions who actually voted and support Trump and worse- his views.

The upside of this is – if Trump never ran for Presidency, you would never know. You would never know that so many of your countrymen support xenophobia, racism and are misogynists. A scary revelation.

Attacks on Muslims, Blacks & places of worship are on the rise. And these actions are validated and justified according to the attackers because the guy running for presidency supports it as well right?

I wonder sometimes if Singapore is so ‘safe’ and ‘harmonious’ because we are genuinely nice people or because the government has set such stern laws against racism. What if that was lifted?

How many of us would fight tooth and nail to keep the peace of our people?

And would there actually be a bunch of us or worse, a whole lot of us – who will use that opportunity to finally vent out their vitriol and hate?

What do you think?


Source: Noor Mastura


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