Noor Mastura: Solidarity Of Humankind Required As ISIS Attacks On Muslims Dampens Ramadan

ISIS/Radicals Ramadan ‘worship’ checklist (update -)
Destroy :
…Basically make Muslims all over the world mourn in our holiest month

This is the worst Ramadan ever. With all the attacks from not only ISIS but raging Islamophobia in the west shooting random Muslims down and hitting them black and blue in the streets. Eid this year is going to be Muslims all over the world mourning the tragic loss of lives and burying their loved ones.

Lord knows the worst part about this is there are millions of people who actually think we deserve it.
I cant even begin to express anger, the anguish and the pain of an entire community of 1.6 billion people in the world who are slammed and attacked and targeted on BOTH sides.

Keep fighting the good fight? We are tired, tortured, drowning and fighting a never ending uphill battle.
Lord help us.. because we are not giving up. We cant. Not even when it burns our soul and rips our hearts. We wont.

And to the world that’s watching – WE ONLY HAVE EACH OTHER. Humanity is literally being torn apart. Stop fighting your factions. Stop labelling yourselves. Stop dividing your brethren. Shias, Sunnis, Sufis, Salafis, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Athiests, Buddhists- I dont really care. We need each other more than ever.


Source: Noor Mastura

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