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A True Malay Love Story – My Family Finally Accepted My Ex-Convict Boyfriend I Met Through Tagged

Nurul Ain’s family did not approve of her relationship with her then-boyfriend Hermanto, but they showed them that their love can conquer it all. She shared the story of how they met and got married for Stomp’s love story contest: “It all…
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Single Mom Of 4 Kids: Unfair! Ex-Husband Still Owes Me $12,000 Maintenance, His Arrest Warrant Cancelled Just Because He Appealed

Hi R1C, I’m writing because I’m very upset n disappointed with the decision of the family court…. The story goes like this… My ex husb missed the court hearing on 29th April n warrant of arrest was issued…I’ve been waiting for…
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Osman Sulaiman: Apa Dah Jadi Dengan Adat Dan Budaya Perkahwinan Orang Melayu?

Adat dan budaya perkahwinan orang melayu sudah jauh melencong dari asal. Unsur-unsur barat sudah banyak menyerap. Hilang nya adat dan budaya orang melayu, hilanglah identiti kita sebagai orang Melayu di Singapura. Ramai anak2 muda sekarang sudah tidak cenderung kepada adat…
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