A True Malay Love Story – My Family Finally Accepted My Ex-Convict Boyfriend I Met Through Tagged

Nurul Ain’s family did not approve of her relationship with her then-boyfriend Hermanto, but they showed them that their love can conquer it all.

She shared the story of how they met and got married for Stomp’s love story contest:

“It all started when I just had a bad day at work, posting all the unnecessary shoutout on Tagged

“Yes!! Tagged… a website where most of us have it and always think that girls/guys in Tagged are useless… but nevertheless, ‘HE’ private messaged me and tried to cool me down, he gave me words full of encouragement, and he melted me!!:)

“We talked all day and night, and when it was time, we arranged a day to meet up.

“It all went well and he told me everything! yes… everything!! From ex-convict to divorce and his family background,so did I.

“I was scared he might not want to contact me after all that we have shared, but I was wrong:)

“We got closer and closer! 🙂 We went through so many ups and downs.

“Financial was the worse situation. He had no shelter at that point of time (due to some miscommunication and family hatred).

“To cut the story short, on Dec 2014 he was sentenced to 8 months in prison, and I had to go through HELL!!

“Because we weren’t married yet but we already have a rental house and I’m unemployed, I have to struggle to look for financial assistance. But at last I managed,and also found a job!!

“I visited him on my every day off @ AWP, until one day I was admitted due to too much stress and dehydration.

“Yet I pulled through… Well,my family still disapproves my marriage with him cause of his background.

“But after all, people make mistakes and they still deserve a second chance to stand up and be happy! YES I waited for him until the day when he was released.

“I made up my mind that I wanted to stay with him and ignore all those nagging and negative responses.

“We were so happy until my parent want to see us. YES we did, and ALLAH listened to my prayer, WE WERE GETTING MARRIED!

“It’s not easy though, we have been through a lot (some are not stated).

“130615 is the day we were legally husband and wife, and thank god, with all those guidance, my family has accepted him and we are happy now!!:)”


Source: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg

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