Single Mom Of 4 Kids: Unfair! Ex-Husband Still Owes Me $12,000 Maintenance, His Arrest Warrant Cancelled Just Because He Appealed

Hi R1C,

I’m writing because¬†I’m very upset n disappointed with the decision of the family court….

The story goes like this…

My ex husb missed the court hearing on 29th April n warrant of arrest was issued…I’ve been waiting for updates ever since….when i called cantonment on Monday they said that the court ordered them to withhold the warrant and now the case is pending…

I called the court on Tuesday and they said that my ex actually made an appeal to the court to cancel the warrant of arrest against him…n it was approved!!
And dis ex of mine has not been following the court order for almost 3 years and he still have an outstanding of unpaid maintenance for a total of 12k!!

I’m a single mom of 4…n I’ve been working so hard to raise my 4 boys all dis time….n dis guy just happily go for vacation, employed on n off etc…he even have plans to get married…

It is really unfair on my side….i feel that the court is not doing their part to investigate the truth n also too lenient towards dis guy….

So any guy who can’t pay maintenance and missed a court hearing can get away easily!! Just file an appeal!! They will be excused…it’s just not right!!

And my ex husband is a big liar…he told the court dat he has no job…bt he’s still working…the court didnt even bother to investigate…

So any man in Singapore, can’t afford child support could actually get away with an excuse such as unemployment and this is actually acceptable????

Then how abt single moms like me???

Are they gonna wait till my children be admitted to hosp from hunger cz i can’t get a single cent outa dis useless creature then they gonna do something to him or wat???

If u guys are gonna publish dis story, i will give u pictures as proofs that I’m not faking anything or exaggerating…

I hope that if dis story get published,¬† it could shine some lights on it and the authority would do something abt dis…i can’t let any more single moms suffer like me….i know it is hard for them…and the court is making it harder for us if dis is the way they handle things…

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