Chinsese Couple Helped Malay Woman And Husband Who Suffered Heart Attack At A Wedding

Stomper Maimunah will always be grateful to the nurse and the couple who stepped forward to help her husband when he collapsed at a colleague’s wedding.

In a phone interview with Stomp, Maimunah recounted her story:

“I was at a wedding with my husband and grandson when my spouse suddenly collapsed.

“There were so many people at the event and but many of them were too shocked to come forward.

“Some of the people there even pronounced my husband dead. I was crying hysterically as I couldn’t believe it.

“Then a woman came forward and declared that she was a qualified nurse. She conducted CPR on my husband.

“She did all she could to save my husband.

“My grandson and I were both crying hysterically, during this tough time a couple approached us.

“During this tough time a couple approached us. The wife hugged me, prayed for me reassured me that everything will be fine.

“They provided me some emotional support that helped me regained my sanity.

“The CPR was successful and they managed to revive my husband but he failed consciousness.”

Maimunah added that her husband was rushed into the ambulance as soon as the paramedics came.

However, strict policies meant that only one person could travel in the ambulance with her husband.

At this point, the couple who had offered support to Maimunah told the distraught woman that they’d bring her grandson to the hospital.

Fortunately, Maimunah was able to convince the paramedics to allow her to bring her grandson in the vehicle.

At the hospital, Maimunah’s husband was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and was put on life support.

While she was waiting for her husband to recover, she noticed that the caring couple from the wedding had made their way to the hospital.

Maimunah said:

“I don’t them but they were there to offer support.

“There were so many people at the wedding but this couple rushed down to see how my husband was doing.

“I was very touched by their caring act.

“They have become like family to me.

“They bought food for my family and even made sure that it was halal. They kept praying for me even though we’re not of the same religion.

“They were supportive.”

Maimunah added that her husband has since made a speedy recovery but still has breathing difficulties.

She also mentioned how the couple had come to the hospital a few days later to visit her husband and the family.

Maimunah told told Stomp:

“I am really very thankful to them. I don’t even know how to say ‘Thank you’.

“I feel so touched.

“I just want to extend my gratitude to the couple and the nurse for helping me in my time of need.

“It is very rare to see people like these nowadays.”



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