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Contradictions On The Slippery Slope Towards The Reserved Elected Presidency

This is a summary of my thoughts that I shared at a Discussion Session with undergraduates from the University Scholars Program at Cinnamon College, NUS on 3 Apr 2017. I was asked to broadly comment on the following issues: Given the varying responses…
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In History Of Presidencies, Colour Blind Reality Of The Ordinary Singaporean Is The One Factual Highlight

A letter from Patrick Low on the Elected President. Dear Fellow Singaporeans Comes September 2017 we may be going to the polls to elect our 8th President reserved for the Malay race only. Notwithstanding the constitutionaI amendments passed in Parliament…
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Commentary: We Pray Not To Be Misled By You Again

We can gladly say that our Minister Masagos Zulkifli has scored several political points this week (claps for him) and that he will never be the people’s choice or at least the Malay Muslim community’s as the EP of Singapore….
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Commentary: Imam Fined, Amos Yee Received Jail Term, Pastor Got Warning. Why The Difference?

Salam admin, I am a bit relieved the case of the Imam’s controversial remarks has been resolved in a manner that is amicable to all parties. Everyone should get their just desserts for the mistakes that they have committed, and…
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Commentary: Trend Melancong Bersama Bukan Trend, Tapi Biasa

Saya sebenarnya tidak rase yang hal couple pergi holiday same-same ini boleh dikatakan “trending”. Mungkin sebab dalam zaman saya ini kelakuan seperti ini memang common sangat. ramai kawan-kawan yang pergi melancong bersama, ataupon ajak lagi kawan lain yang couple jugak….
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