Commentary: Retired Military Generals Are Only Familiar With Simulated Situations, But Not For Real Life Issues

The long time practice of putting retired military generals to take charge of public institutions that are vital to the social and economic lives of citizens – even if they had volunteered for the job – may not be the wisest thing to do after all. They may be scholars no doubt, but if they had spent all their working lives running military outfits, day in and day out facing simulated situations, they may not find it easy to adapt to real life issues.
For example what technical experience does an ex general have to run a train system that is increasingly sophisticated and vital to the economic and social lives of the nation? What we need for the job is a first class engineer with good management experience who, if necessary, is prepared to even defy his political bosses with sound and practical solutions.
The same thing goes for the management of our national shipping line which went to the dogs when a military general was put in charge. In spite of his scholar reputation I am quite sure he would have zero knowledge about shipping which is a world of difference from what he had been accustomed to.
It is very easy to sit in your comfortable offices and earn big bucks but if you know nuts about the bolts (and nuts) of what makes the company tick, you are not the man for the job. Simple as that.
If we see no change in the way appointments are made, be prepared for more cock-ups.
Our selected president who is supposed to have the power to veto appointments should look into this.


Source: Mohamed Jufrie Bin Mahmood

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