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Malaysian Foodpanda Rider Stealing Singaporeans’ Rice Bowl, So Citizens Should Steal Each Others’ To Survive

However shocking it is to hear our Prime Minister lecturing our own working citizens to “steal other people’s lunch boxes” in this year May Day celebration, it is apparently clear that that has to be done. Look, even Malaysians are…
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Experts Not Convinced Malaysian IS Terrorist Muhammad Wanndy Is Dead

KUALA LUMPUR: Security officials, reacting to a Facebook post by the wife of notorious Islamic State (IS) terrorist Muhammad Wanndy Mohamed Jedi that he is dead, doubt its accuracy. “This is probably a ruse by Mu­­hammad Wanndy to escape from…
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Malaysians Rejoice Sepang’s Exit From F1, Singapore Continues To Be Ripped Off

*Go away. We do not need old white men like Ecclestone to rip us off anymore* At first, I was perhaps 70% supportive of Malaysia dropping Formula One but after hearing what the moronic 86 years old former owner of…
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