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“I see the Genocide in New Zealand truly as the byproduct of a divided Muslim Ummah”

The Genocide in New Zealand. The horrific Christchurch massacre in the 2 mosques which took place on Friday, March 15, 2019 that killed 50 people and injured 50 others can never be justified by whatever lens we see it from….
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15/03 Terror Attack: Names and Faces of the Dead, Missing and Injured…

Days after the inconceivable act of terrorism in Christchurch, details about the victims are still emerging. Friends and family have spoken to media around the world and paid tribute on social media to those murdered and injured in Friday’s shootings…
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Watain Concert Banned, Minister Dragged in Racial Issues Involving Malays, Muslims and the Christian Community in a Follow-up Explanation

In the wake of the government’s order to block a black metal band from playing here (just hours before the concert was due to start), Minister of Home Affairs K Shanmugam oddly dragged in racial issues. In a speech at…
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