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McDonald’s Malaysia Expressed Disappointment After Being Unfairly Targeted By a Boycott

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 7 — Facing a nationwide boycott over alleged links to Israel, McDonald’s Malaysia today placed a full-page advertisement in a local daily to again deny the claims and to put a face to the “real victims” of…
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SG on Gaza: Sign Petition and Send Open Letter to Shanmugam

Salaam R1C, Recently there’s been some talk about how our own Singapore MFA’s statement about the current crisis in Gaza is severely wanting. I’ve written an open letter addressing Mr K Shanmugam, our Minister for Foreign Affairs regarding this. The…
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PKMS on Gaza: Letter of Protest to Israeli Embassy

Our protest letter to the Israel Embassy in Singapore. The ceasefire must remain to alleviate humanitarian suffering and to keep alive prospects of peace negotiation which are the only hope to break the cycle of violence and devastation once and…
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