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MHA: Political, Controversial Social Issues Should Be Decided by Singaporeans Alone

The Government has always taken the position that foreigners and foreign entities should not interfere in our domestic matters (“Clarity needed on ‘interference by foreign entities’” by Ms Corinna Lim; yesterday). Political and controversial social questions should be decided by…
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MDA To Take Action Over Same-Sex Kiss In Les Miserables

A kissing scene between two male actors has been removed from the musical Les Miserables after complaints from members of the public. In a statement to The New Paper today (June 11), a spokesman for the Media Development Authority (MDA)…
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Ustaz Noor Deros: There Is No Progress Without Control Of Basic Human Desire

Have we progressed far enough as humanity so as to again declare that fornication (what more homosexual intercourse) is illegal? It seems that we are still unable to let go of our primitive inclination towards self-destructive short termed pleasures and…
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