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Peserta Ms Singapore Indonesian 2016 Kumpul Dana Bagi Mangsa Banjir Di Garut

Pada tanggal 25 September keluarga besar Ms Singapore Indonesian (MSSI) berjaya mengumpul dana bantuan untuk mangsa-mangsa banjir di Garut. Segala usaha dan penat lelah mereka berjalan berjualan makanan, baju, aksesoris, merias dan mengumpul baju-baju dan barangan untuk di dermakan ke…
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United Nations Suspends Distribution Of World Food Program Vouchers In Embattled Middle East Countries Due To Lack Of Funds

A lack of funds has forced the United Nations to stop providing food vouchers for 1.7 million Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt, the World Food Programme (WFP) said on Monday. “Without WFP vouchers, many families will…
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Wearwhite Official Statement: Ways Muslims Can Show Support to Palestinians

Let us show compassion and extend our help to our Muslim brothers and sisters who are being brutally oppressed and mistreated – in Gaza specifically and also elsewhere like in Myanmar, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir, Iraq, Syria, indeed fee kulli makaan…
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