Wearwhite Official Statement: Ways Muslims Can Show Support to Palestinians

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Let us show compassion and extend our help to our Muslim brothers and sisters who are being brutally oppressed and mistreated – in Gaza specifically and also elsewhere like in Myanmar, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir, Iraq, Syria, indeed fee kulli makaan (wherever they may be). We can do this in the following ways:

1) If possible, on a daily basis perform the Taubah and Hajat prayers. Do so wholeheartedly. Let the tears of remorse and repent flow and wet your cheeks.

2) Find out the reality of what is happening in the affected countries. Do not merely depend on Mainstream Media. Make an effort to get information from other more reliable sources of information – especially from genuine Islamic resources.

Find out the historical and political background of the places in conflict. Spread the word through FB postings, etc. Talk to your friends and family members.

3) Boycott products of any company that support tyranny openly and directly in whatever capacity possible.

4) Recite the Qunut Nazilah regularly. It can be done in all fardh prayers – alone or in congregation. As it constitutes part of one’s salat, it must be done in Arabic. Find out how. It can also be done outside of solat.

5) Recite the zikr with all your heart and mind; Ya Muntaqim (Oh Ye Avenging One), Ya Qahhar (Oh Ye Imposing One) & Ya Jabbar (Oh Ye Powerful One).

6) Support and provide financial assistance/donations to aid organisations that practice transparency.

7) Liberate our hearts and minds, and any other form of attachment (financial or otherwise) to whatever parties directly or indirectly associated with the aggressors.

9) Let us close rank and build alliance between Muslim groups. Support any group that opposes the oppression by lawful means in Islam. Do not limit or narrow down the struggle. Any and all parties that show even tacit approval to the oppression, hold them accountable!

10) Avoid debates and arguments in issues of genuine khilaf (difference of opinions among ulama mu’tabar). Advise those who are engaged in the never-ending and unproductive debates to refrain from doing so. We need to come united and channel our energy in combating against bigger threats.

Authored by Wearwhite


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