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Osman Sulaiman: It Is Imperative That Israel Should Know The World Is Not With Them When They Violate International Law

As the international community condemns and protests against Israel on its controversial law legalizing the building of settlements on West Bank, in Singapore, we are reduced to just handing a letter to its embassy. We’ve tried applying for a protest…
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Damanhuri Abas: Singapore Government Should Take The Opportunity To Highlight To Israel That Some Of Its Policies Are In Contravention Of United Nations Resolutions And International Law

The Israel-Palestine issue is an emotional one, especially for Muslims, said Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who reiterated on Monday (20 February) Singapore‚Äôs support for a two-state solution in the Middle East. Speaking on the occasion of Israeli PM…
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Lee Hsien Loong: MUIS Collecting Funds For Humanitarian Assistance to Gaza

In the last week, the armed conflict in Gaza has hotted up. Hundreds of people have been killed, mostly civilians, including many children and infants. The loss of innocent lives is tragic and painful. The Middle East is far away,…
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