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Beware! Singaporean Names, Residential Addresses And Mobile Numbers Exposed On A Website Called ‘Locate Family’

My friend recently alerted me to this site as she discovered that my personal data have been exposed on this website called “Locatefamily.com“. This includes my name, residential address (including the unit number) and mobile number. They are all accurate….
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PM Lee: Why Didn’t Malay Candidates Come Up In PE2011? Cause They Knew Non-Chinese Have No Chance

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made it plain that he knew the reserved presidential election would be unpopular and would cause the ruling party to lose votes, but said it had to be done because it was the right thing…
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Mufti: Beware Of Messages That Misquote The Quran, Prophetic Sayings And Traditions To Justify Acts Of Violence

Singapore’s top Muslim leader has called on his community to be wary of messages that misquote the Quran as well as prophetic sayings and traditions to justify acts of violence. In his Friday (Sept 29) sermon delivered at all mosques…
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