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Kirsten Han: Ong Ye Kung’s Ownself-Praise-Ownself A Sign Of How Blinded Majority Privilege Chinese Singaporeans Are

This sort of patronising smugness stops us from being more reflective and self-aware of systemic racism in Singapore. The very act of patting ourselves on the back for a job well done shows just how blinded by majority privilege Chinese…
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The Myanmar Times Journalist Fired After Reporting On Military Rape In Rakhine State

A journalist was fired from The Myanmar Times after she reported on military rape in Rakhine State. More staff might be fired; others have resigned/are considering resignation. See: http://frontiermyanmar.net/…/reporters-sacking-followed-moi… To publicly indicate their anger and dismay, The Myanmar Times editorial…
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Kirsten Han: Time To Make Singapore A More Inclusive Space

Ireland – a largely Catholic country which only decriminalised homosexuality in 1993 and divorce in 1995 – voted resoundingly to amend their constitution and approve same-sex marriage last weekend. They have become the first country in the world to approve…
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