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Lee Hsien Loong’s Refusal To Sue Siblings Confirmed That Elites And Normal Singaporeans Treated Differently

My comment posted on Tharman’s Facebook: I feel sad that we have now confirmed that there are two sets of laws for Singaporeans – one set for the elite and connected, and another for the ordinary Singaporean. LHY and LWL…
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Rahayu Mahzam: Using Statutory Declaration Appears Like Backdoor Approach To Challenging Validity Of Will

“As a grant of probate has been granted and there is no challenge, the will should be taken as valid and proper. You (PM Lee) have, however, in your statutory declaration submitted to the ministerial committee alluding to certain questionable…
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Low Thia Khiang: Settle Family Dispute In Court

Workers’ Party chief Low Thia Khiang called on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to settle the “private, family dispute” between him and his younger siblings in court, noting that less serious allegations had been dealt with under libel. “Individuals who…
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