Lee Hsien Loong’s Refusal To Sue Siblings Confirmed That Elites And Normal Singaporeans Treated Differently

My comment posted on Tharman’s Facebook:

I feel sad that we have now confirmed that there are two sets of laws for Singaporeans – one set for the elite and connected, and another for the ordinary Singaporean.

LHY and LWL are allowed to cast all sorts of aspersions at the PM, our public servants and public institutions.

These are not one-off allegations.

They are serious and numerous allegations, made in a sustained manner over more than 2 weeks.

Yet, we are today given flimsy excuses why legal action will not be taken against them.

On the other hand, less powerful or connected Singaporeans are subjected to the law of defamation, lawsuit issued in an instance and some are bankrupted or have run away from Singapore in fear.

As the NMPs asked in Parliament, and I paraphrase: how do you explain, Mr Tharman, this double standards?

You said a few days ago to Singaporeans, “Have confidence, folks.”

Perhaps you should try on the shoes of those who have been sued, bankrupted or gone into exile.

As one who supports you being PM, I am disappointed at your nonchalance in this saga.


Source: Andrew Loh

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