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Osman Sulaiman: Government Must Work For, Not Against, Singaporeans To Foster Nation Building

The coming presidential election reserved for Malay candidates has divided the nation with some polarised views. Often enough, the PAP gov has been quick to accuse the alternatives as playing racial politics. But the mother of all racist policies originated…
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Goh Meng Seng: Do Not Divert Attention From Real Issues In Benjamin Lim’s Case

I am utterly disappointed by the Minister for Home Affairs (who is also the Minister of Law, which I always feel is totally inappropriate as it may constitute a conflict of interests but this article is not about this) Mr….
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Schools Should Not Be Platforms For Partisan Politics

SDP approached “our schools and educational institutions to initiate a conversation with our youth on national issues that concern them and their future”. This initiative was “aimed at bringing politics and policy-making closer to our students, challenging them to engage in…
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