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Masagos Zulkifli: Nothing Natural About Our Racial Harmony; It’s There BECAUSE We Keep An Eye All The Time

#masagos been reflecting PM sharing on Saturday as he recalled why he pushed for a reserved election for the minority communities although he knew it was going to be extremely difficult to carry the ground with it. PM could have…
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Response Pak Andam Terhadap Majlis Perkahwinan Minggu Lalu Yang Menerima Pelbagai Kritikan (Kompang, Scooter Dan Pengantin)

CINTA AKU SEADANYA! Saya adalah Pak Andam Mempelai dan menyaksikan dari mula majlis hingga akhir majlis. Ramai yang comment negative with regards to the Kompang Group WHICH is Proudly Sponsor by adek pengantin Lelaki. Setahu saya mempelai menerima saje dan…
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Damanhuri Abas: Yes, I Am Driven By My Religion And Am A Rookie Politician

I have deleted my previous post and relinked to the original source post instead of the other link coming from another FB page. Scary siah!!! Sereemmmm!!! An article online (see below) apparently was posted accusing me of using religion to…
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