MUIS Fatwa: Qadiyan (Ahmadiyah) Are Not Muslims And Are Deviant

Question: Are the followers of Qadiani considered as kafir?

Answer: In the discussion over this matter, a book entitled “Anjam Atham”, written in Urdu-Arabic by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself, was referred to. This is the only book that is recognised by the followers of Ahmadiyah in Singapore and Malaysia. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is not only a kafir who is murtad, his teachings are misleading and could lead people astray from the real teachings of Islam. The following extracts from the book is clear proof that he is not Muslim and no longer an adherent of the religion.

1. “Oh Ahmad (Mirza) how perfect is your name and my name is imperfect (Allah)”

2. “Truly We (Allah) had delivered it (The Qur’an) near the Qadian.”

3. “Allah praises you (Mirza) from His Arasy and Allah comes walking to face you (Mirza).”

4. “You (Mirza) come from Our sperm (Allah).”

5. “As if Allah came from the heavens, His name is Manuwel.”

6. “Whichever man who does not place his faith in me (Mirza) they are all kafir and the future tenants of Hell.”

Apart from these statements, there are other statements and declarations made by Ghulam Ahmad which proves that he is no longer a Muslim. Al’allamah Ash-Shaikh Muhammad Anuar Al-Kashmiri in his book “Ikfarul Mulhidin” stated that Ghulam Ahmad had made 77 statements, which leads to him being kafir.

The most important statement of all, which forms the basis that Ghulam Ahmad and his followers are kafir, is his declaration that he is the next Prophet and Messenger after Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h..

This clearly transgresses the teachings of the Qur’an, the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad and the consensus (ijma’) of the ulama’. This is supported by the fatwa given by the Mufti of Johor which is found in his book “Anwarul Qur’an Al-Mahiyati Lizulumatimutanabbien Qadiyan” (Volume 3, pages 1- 4). Based on the beliefs of the Qadiyan as explained above, it is concluded that the Qadiyan (Ahmadiyah) and those who are similar to them are not Muslims and are deviant. This is in line with the fatwas issued by all other Islamic countries, that the Ahmadiyah Qadiyan are not considered to be within the folds of Islam. The bodies of their dead cannot be buried in Muslim burial grounds.


Fatwa decided by the Fatwa Committee of MUIS on 23 June 1969. Fatwa text appeared in Kumpulan Fatwa 1 published by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura, 1st ed. 1987.



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