Brave SG Girl Stops Pervert Who Tried To Break Into Handicap Toilet With 20 Cent Coin, Pls Be Aware Of Dangers!

singapore handicap toilet pervert

In a public service announcement made on instagram, a local girl who was on a night out reported her encounter with a suspicious man who tried to break into the handicap toilet she was in while she was in a tipsy state.

Luckily for her, she had the company of a friend to help her and she had the wits and bravery to force the door close and called the police on the pervert. Apparently, the pervert had tried to unlock the door with a 20 cent coin while she and her friend were inside using the toilet. If not for her situational awareness, they could have been molested or at worse sexually assaulted late at night.


To all our friends out there, protect yourselves and take the appropriate precaution for yourself. Try not to put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation lah


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P S A TO ALL GIRLS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE THE HANDICAP TOILETS jane n i were walking towards the toilet yesterday and this man came up to us and was like “hey use the handicap toilet the girls toilet is full” so i was like okay perhaps his gf took rly long n he was just drunk n being nice then when jane n i were inside the handicap toilet i realized he actually followed right behind us and that was when i realized smth was wrong. i checked if he had bugged the toilet w a camera or smth but there wasnt any so we just continued with our business. when i was peeing i realized the door was ajar then i told jane to lock it properly. then when it was her turn and i was washing my hands i realized in the mirror reflection that the lock was TURNING BY ITSELF then i immediately yanked the door closed and then it was forcefully pulled from outside and thats when i saw him pulling our fucking door. thankfully i managed to run after him and grab his belongings n call the police without him getting away. SO APPARENTLY, he allegedly tried to open our door with a 20 CENT COIN and thats honestly so so scary. i know handicap toilets locks are built like that in order to save someone in case of emergencies but please please please be cautious because obviously there are perverts in this world that would do anything just to see what they want to see. im really not sure what the verdict would be for this guy but whatever it is, GIRLS PLEASE PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FRIENDS AND ALWAYS BE CAUTIOUS OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS EVEN WHEN YOURE WASTED AF (also huge thanks to the bouncers n door girl at yang for detaining the guy until the police came)

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