Impermissible to drink “Zero Alcoholic” Beer, Says Office Of the Mufti SG

Can Muslims drink “0% alcohol” beer? The answer is NO. It is not permissible if it meets either or both the criteria below.

1. The process of making the drink is similar to the process done to make alcoholic drinks.

(Explanation: Products that contain zero alcohol or have its alcohol removed actually have similar manufacturing process as alcoholic beverages.)

2. The product is marketed in a similar way to how alcoholic drinks are marketed.

(Explanation: The products are also being marketed in a manner that is similar to alcoholic beverages – its packaging and etc. Islam takes a firm stand against products which are haram, or can lead to haram activities. Hence, for products that intentionally mimic haram products, extra precautionary measures must be taken in order to emphasize the prohibition of the original product, and the Islamic denunciation of such products.)


Ruling by Office of the Mufti, Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS)

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