786 Halal Char Kway Teow Is Halal, Managed By Chinese-Muslim Convert

Just to share..

A lot have been said about e talked about 786 CKT at Bukit Merah managed by our bro Anis Ang..

There are members here who mocked our bro if he is a true Muslim. Some even asked for his Identity Cards.. MUIS Conversion Papers.. Asked him to recite e Al Fatehah.. Saying tt e stall is not fully cleansed .. Questioned him why he don’t hv a Halal Certificate from MUIS.. etc..

786 Halal Cert

Tday I wuld like to clarify e situation of his predicament as a Convert Muslim trying to make a living and survive (though he felt like he is being treated as a second class Muslim) in and by e Muslim Community here in Singapore.

The stall have been fully cleansed in accordance to Islamic way.. All equipments are new since he started e bisnes. He has been a Muslim Convert since 21 June 2011. All ingredients tt he ordered are fm a Muslim Supplier..

I hope this answers to some queries tt some members here in HCR have about him and his Bisnes…

Dear All.. I apologise if I cannot reply to Ur queries earlier and thank U all for your overwhelming support on this.. As requested by all I will have to remove his I.C that he is a Muslim cos due to security reasons.. Thanks and Wasallam..



Source: Hady Jay in Halal Cafe & Restaurants in Singapore

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