PAP’s Potential Malay/Muslim Candidates For Upcoming Elections Identified

A few Malay-Muslim candidates, including women mostly in their early 30s, have been identified for the next General Election, said Second Minister for Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs Masagos Zulkifli.

“I do not know who will finally … become candidates, but … they are committed, they are also single-minded about helping out, contributing to the party as well as to become part of the party,” said Mr Masagos, referring to the People’s Action Party.

He said the potential candidates hail from various sectors, adding that most of them are young. “Therefore, they will have a very good long runway to learn about leadership and be moulded into credible and reliable leadership.”

When asked whether they are ready for a leadership role in the community and on the national stage, Mr Masagos said, “I don’t know anyone who is ready … Even for myself, after I have been elected, the kind of work I’m exposed to is something I couldn’t imagine.”

He added that the potential candidates need mentors. “They are not merely (serving) their constituency, they are also the vanguard of the Muslim community,” said Mr Masagos.

“Therefore, we have to guide them and teach them. We have to embrace them to teach them to become reliable and respectable (not just for the community).”



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