Toddler In ICU, Scalded By Hot Oil

While she was cooking in the kitchen, her 15-month-old son, AafaaZuhayr Muhammad Al-Khair, wandered in and accidentally tipped over a hot frying pan she had placed on the kitchen counter to cool.

He suffered second-degree burns when sizzling oil trickled down his body and arms. A week after the incident on June 22, he is still in the intensive care unit (ICU) of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), where he had a fourth operation on Monday.

Madam Masshitah Abdullah, a 31-year-old marketing manager, is so traumatised by her son’s injuries that she dreads going home and being reminded of the accident.

She and her property agent husband, Mr Muhammad Al-Khair Salahuddin, 30, have made KKH their second home as they pray for their baby’s recovery.

Finding it difficult at first to accept that the whimpering toddler with a red swollen face was her son, Madam Masshitah said: “I kept asking the doctor if that’s my son.”

Said Madam Masshitah: “I just wanted my baby. I couldn’t really hold him and could only see him from afar.

“I’m so afraid to fall asleep. Whenever a doctor runs into the ICU, my heart would stop for a while, wondering if anything had happened to my son.”

Worried sick about her baby, she lost her will to eat, having nothing more than just a cup of Milo every day since the incident.



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