It’s ‘Cover Up Your Arms’ At Ipoh City Council

IPOH: While the debates had centred on dresses that should cover the legs, a woman was not allowed to enter the City Council building here unless she cover her arms.

Eunice Chai, 32, a logistician, was stopped by security guards for wearing a sleeveless high-collar blouse and jeans.

She said she went to the council to apply for a business licence when one of the guards on duty commented on the “lack of sleeves” of her blouse.

“I was with a friend at the time, and thankfully he had a jacket in his car so he passed it to me at the entrance.

“I thought what I was wearing is considered decent since my legs are all covered up, but I didn’t expect this treatment here as well,” she said.

A poster showing the dress code at the council’s entrance

Chai said it did not make sense to turn people away for not covering up if they were appropriately dressed.

“The local authorities should also respect other cultures,” she added.

Chai said based on the dress code poster placed at the door, the appropriate dressing for non-Muslims is a long dress with elbow-length sleeves.

“The weather is very hot right now, and I don’t think many Chinese would wear like that when they go out,” she said.

The poster for dress code of both sexes at the entrance of the council’s building showed men in a formal shirt with sleeves, or blazer and tie, while the women in a long formal dress.

Those with sleeveless tank tops, shorts, short skirts, and slippers will not be allowed in.



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