PAP Should Field Strong Team In Aljunied GRC

First of all, I just want to come out and say that the Group Representation Constituency (GRC) is a scheme conjured up by the PAP to retain more seats in the parliament. The other ways of skewing the electorate to their advantage are: redrawing electoral boundaries, and punishing opposition GRCs and SRCs by withholding services.

I do not support the concept of GRC at all. I strongly believe if the PAP is masculine enough, they will man up, and allow for only man-to-man square off in each constituency. No need to sneak in weaker candidates on the coat tails of stronger ministers… but if this is how the PAP wants to play, let’s play.

I propose the following team for the PAP in Aljunied. If I were the PAP, I would field the strongest team possible in the Aljunied GRC. Don’t just talk. Do. Put your money where your mouth is. Unless, of course, if the PAP has no confidence.

Here goes. The 5 PAP candidates should be:
2) DPM Tharman
4) Minister Ng Eng Hen
5) Minister Kee Chiu Sing.

If you cannot win with your A team, you have no business running the government, and for that matter, Singapore.

Let’s bring it, shall we, PAP. Show some guts for once.

National Slavery


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